Canola Oil

Rapeseed for the first time cultivated in India about 4000 years ago. As this seed, hold high level of Erucic acid in its oil fatty acids compositions and anti-nutrition material called glicozinolat, therefore, it endangered human health. On 1959, Canadian researchers for the first time could cultivate canola seed with lower level of erucic acid and since 2015 (1394) about %95 of rapeseed cultivated in Canada had low erucic acid content. In addition, by decreasing the amount of glicozinolat of this seed to 30micromole for each gram, it resulted in improvement of the extracting meal quality.

The following table shows a comparison between canola seed compositions and rapeseed.

Canola Seed Processing:

The following chart shows briefly the canola raw oil production processes from canola seed:

Canola Raw Oil:

Canola oil holds the least saturated fat amount among different oils. Minimum of %93 of fatty acids composition of canola oil shapes with one non-saturated acids and some other non-saturated ones.


The following chart shows raw canola oil specifications produced by GOLBAHAR SEPAHAN Company in correspondence with national standard number of 4935: